Bath Soak Cleanse

Bath Soak Cleanse

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Cleanse Bath Ritual Soak Clear Quartz Infused
Australian made all natural ingredients

A bath soak designed to cleanse the mind and bring clarity. Refreshing the soul.

Made with Dead Sea Salt, Magnesium flakes, epsom salt, chai botanicals, jasmine flower, peppermint essential oil.

Infused with a large clear quartz palm stone. The master healer, perfect for cleansing the mind and body. Rid of any negative energy, aces and pains. Let the master healer work it?s magic while you soak by adding it to your bath.

Adding crystals to your bath water can be very powerful! It?s an easy and efficient way to infuse your auric field with their vibrational frequencies like, to help balance chakras influence certain energies aka vibrational frequencies
or to help manifest certain things!! all matter emits electromagnetic frequencies, as do crystals, as do people. Those frequencies travel, just as electricity does!
Crystals and stones emit their own individual resonant frequencies. Now with water being a good energy conductor, those frequencies are going to travel with less resistance and then come in contact with me, being another good energy conductor.
The less resistance, the easier it is for the energy to flow, therefore, that results in more efficient amplification of the vibrational frequencies.
So, with less resistance, the easier it is for your electromagnetic field to be influenced by the frequencies of the stones you have in the water.

Directions : Add two tablespoons to bath water. Relax and enjoy for as long as you desire!


Ingredients, Organic Dead Sea salt, magnesium flakes, organic epsom salt, chai botanicals, Jasmine botanicals, peppermint essential oils.